Queer Religious Pasts: A Sample from an Online Exhibition

Untiled (AIDS Pietà)

Fr Jim and Roy’s Church Wedding

Parody of Confession in Victorian England

Pursuing Love and Justice: Queer, Social and Church History Intertwined

A Queer Jewish Call for Healing in the Face of AIDS

Marc-André Raffalovich’s Uranism and Unisexuality (1896): Or Why Homosexuals Make the Best Priests

Occupying Space: Brahminical Queer Mobilisation

Kenyan Queer Christians Writing History

From “Queen of Rock’n’Roll” to “King of the Gospel Singers”: Little Richard’s Religious Conversions

What Price Freedom ?” : Alfred A. Gross, the Henry Foundation, and the “Stained Glass Closet” of the Episcopal Diocese of New York

It’s Not Just About the Bible!


  • The uses of the past that the exhibits showcase or promote.
  • Does the cultural/geographical diversity that the various exhibits represent invite any particular reflections on your part?
  • Your reactions to the intertwining of homosexuality and religion with other areas/issues in the exhibition.
  • Your reflections on the exhibition sample as a whole: what do you take away from viewing it? What do you wish was there and is not? …