Multiculturalism and Religion Papers

Students are required to write short reflexive pieces on several of the following themes in the course of the semester. Download the zip file for each theme using the password given in class.

1. The British Multicultural Model


2. British Islam

Please also watch the video clip from the Mayor of London’s Facebook Page

3. Religious broadcasting


4. Religious reality shows

You may focus on one reality show in particular, on the two you can watch and read about in the folder or on religion and reality shows in general.


5. Religious arbitration: Sharia Councils and Batei Din

On top of the downloadable files, you may want to read about Register Our Marriage, a campaign demanding that all religious marriages be registered under UK law. Their website includes a very interesting blog:

6. Expressing one’s religion and the Equality Act

On top of the downloadable files, please read how the gay cake case went on to the Supreme Court and to the European Court of Human Rights:


b. A striking reaction to the Supreme Court ruling by veteran gay rights activist Peter Tatchell

Ashers ‘gay cake’ verdict is victory for freedom of expression