Mid-Term Essay

Write an essay reflecting on one of the following questions:

  • EITHER: How do you view both the connections and disconnects between the Christian roots of homophobia in the West and the positive developments about gay rights in religious spaces in Britain and the United States?
  • OR: To what extent can the mainstream historiography of LGBTQ movements be rewritten to include the positive contributions of religious spaces?

Your essay will make use of Dominic Janes’s, Heather White’s, Graham Willett’s and Bernard Schlager’s papers. You may use additional chapters/papers from scholarly books or journals if you want but the argument and if possible illustrative material of at least two of the aforementioned papers must be used to write a piece that combines personal reflection, presentation of historical data and material and analysis of academic arguments developed in the papers.

You may also refer to primary sources from the brochures whenever relevant to the points you are making.

This essay will be written in two stages.

  1. By 8th November – Write a pre-project presenting the outline of your essay, making clear the kinds of conclusions you hope to reach and indicating how you propose to use the recommended academic papers (and possibly other papers if you want to add one or two others of your own finding). I will give you feedback the week after, attempting to help you towards writing a worthy, stimulating essay.
  2. By 29th November – Write the essay.

The essay should be typed, follow the MLA style, and be between 2000 and 3000 words long.

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