End-of-Term Essay

Write an essay on one of the online exhibitions put together by the LGBTQ Religious Archives Network (https://lgbtqreligiousarchives.org/exhibits/).

You should briefly present the content of the exhibition. The bulk of your essay should be your personal reflection on the material presented in the exhibition you have selected.

You are entirely free to choose your approach. For example

  • you may want to reflect on the way the exhibition is presented and what it says about current LGBTQ religious historiography;
  • you may want to reflect on how the exhibition projects the work of the LGBTQ Religious Archives Network into the public space;
  • you may want to make an in-depth analysis of one or several exhibits and reflect on how what you see in these sources relates to the way the exhibition has been put together and what it has decided to highlight. Alternatively you may want to reflect on how you see these sources relate to broader LGBTQ history, nationally or transnationally;
  • you may want to reflect on how you see the content of the exhibition relating to or reflecting broader LGBTQ religious history, nationally or transnationally;

Your essay should be 2000 to 3000 words long. Spacing should be 1.5. The preferred font is Times New Roman.

All sources you use, whether primary or secondary, should be referenced in footnotes, preferably according to the Chicago style. Failure to reference any material you make use of, whether directly or indirectly, will be considered as plagiarism.

The file should be saved as a PDF and the file name should follow the following format: surname_name.pdf

Please upload your paper by the end of week 12. Click here to upload.