End-of-term paper

Write an essay using the LGBTQ Religious Archives Network’s only online exhibition about Britain at https://exhibits.lgbtran.org/exhibits/show/towards-a-quaker-view-of-sex.

Your paper can but does not have to briefly present the overall content and structure of the exhibition. You are free to reflect on any aspect of the exhibition (including the 1963 report and/or its 1964 second edition which can be accessed on the exhibition main page) but an in-depth analysis of at least one particular exhibit should serve as the primary material for your personal reflection. You can focus on the 1950s-60s or on the present of the putting together of the exhibition. What is paramount is that the material you use from the exhibition should lead to your formulating an interesting research question about the intersection of queer sexuality and religion.

Your essay should be 2000 to 3000 words long. Spacing should be 1.5. The preferred font is Times New Roman.

All sources you use, whether primary or secondary, should be referenced in footnotes, preferably according to the Chicago style. Failure to reference any material you make use of, whether directly or indirectly, will be considered as plagiarism.

The file should be saved as a PDF and the file name should follow the following format: surname_name.pdf

Please upload your paper before the deadline established in class. Click here to upload.