Here are the papers that will be discussed each week from 20th February to the end of the semester. All students should read the papers discussed at each session ahead of time so as to be able to contribute to group discussions.

20th February

D.1 Adrian Thatcher, ‘Theological Amnesia and Same-Sex Love’ (2018).


6th March

F1. Jerome Gellman: ‘Gender and Sexuality in the Garden of Eden‘, Theology and Sexuality vol. 12 no. 3 (2006).

H2. Juliane Hammer, ‘Identity, Authority, and Activism: American Muslim Women Approach the Qur’an‘ (2008).


13th March

F3. Jill Hammer: Feminist Midrash taken from Sisters at Sinai: New Tales of Biblical Women (The Jewish Publication Society, 2004). Introduction, “Havdalah” and “Myriam under the Mountain” + notes.

I1. Esther McIntosh, ‘The Possibility of a Gender-Transcendent God: Taking Macmurray Forward‘ (2007).


20th March

I2. Ellen Clark-King, ‘The Divine Call to Be Myself: Anglican Transgender Women and Prayer‘ (2016).

C3. Meena Sharify-Funk & Munira Kassam Haddad, ‘Where do Women Stand in Islam?’(2012).


27th March

C2. Lynn Resnick Dufour, ‘The Creation of Jewish Feminist Identities‘ (2000).

A1. Andrew Yip, ‘When Religion Meets Sexuality: Two Tales of Intersection‘ (2015).


3rd April

A2. Eric M. Rodriguez and Suzanne C. Ouellette, ‘Gay and Lesbian Christians:Homosexual and Religious Identity Integration in the Members and Participants of a Gay-Positive Church‘ (Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, September 2000, Vol. 39 Issue 3).

G3. Scott Siraj al-Haqq Kugle, ‘Sexuality, Diversity, and Ethics in the Agenda of Progressive Muslims’ (2003)


10th April

J1. Steven Greenberg, chapter 9 of Wrestling with God and Men : Homosexuality in the Jewish Tradition (the book is available at the university library – reading the introduction is necessary to situate the author’s discourse) (2004).


17th April

E1. John Blevins, ‘Broadening the Family of God: Debating Same-sex Marriage and Queer Families in America‘ (2005).